Target (Almost) Locked, Loaded, & Ready to Go?

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Perhaps the most celebrated shopping holiday in the US after Christmas, we wish you all a very happy Black Friday! Where did you stop by on this most crazy of days? A popular destination for many is large retail company Target, but for those in the UCLA area unfortunately there isn’t one in the area. At least, not yet.

Target hasn’t said much, but we do know a few details. It’s planned to be situated at Weyburn and Glendon avenues across from Trader Joe’s and Rite Aid, where the EXPO Design Center formerly was. Although this was once the largest retail space in Westwood, this Target would technically be the smallest in the nation, branded as a “CityTarget”. It still will have plenty to offer, and what it may lack in electronics variety and grocery department will be a very close walk nearby at the current Best Buy and Ralph’s.

We annually make a Target run to Culver City during Welcome Week but transportation would be largely cut down and more time provided to shop if that event could happen so close by. Either way, having a Target in Westwood would be very convenient year round, something that many Bruins are already excited about. It’s expected to be completed within 2012; the company announced that it’d be open in July. Maybe in the near future Black Friday will be known as Red Friday to UCLA residents for the iconic Target bullseye! For now, we hope you enjoy your four-day weekend and all the sales (including, ahem, Cyber Monday).

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