Singafest Asian Film Festival 2011

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Hollywood, a location fairly close to UCLA, is recognized internationally as the premier film capital, home to many established film production companies and annual film festivals. Even more emerge in the sunny, urban location of Los Angeles all the time, and adding onto the list is the Singafest Asian Film Festival, produced by Bigfoot Entertainment. Set to debut literally down the street from campus on Thursday, September 29, the Singafest Asian Film Festival will be showing films of, as the name implies, Asiatic construction. Asia itself is also a site of flourishing film production, like the extremely successful Hindi-language film industry of Bollywood, and contains a multitude of diverse cultural backgrounds which the festival aims to showcase.

With films selected to screen including a sex-comedy intriguingly titled “Getting Any?”, dramas rife with gangsters, murder and martial arts madness, and even an animated film involving a goblin boy and tofu that is the first full-length 3-D feature produced in Japan, the thematic similarities to the movies we’re used to seeing prove that great cinematography is truly universal. The differences in detail and execution will provide an interesting opportunity to look through the rich, cinematic lens of countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and more – even that of Asian-Americans in the U.S. beyond the usual Jackie Chan fare (though we still love to see him kick ass).

From the press release:
“Conceived in Singapore, SINGAFEST serves as an international platform to celebrate Asian culture and Asian filmmakers who pay homage to their ethnic backgrounds. Judging the festival will be a panel of internationally acclaimed film industry professionals, including Teddy Zee, producer “The Pursuit of Happiness”, “Hitch”; Ted Kim, CEO of CJ Entertainment; Rosa Li, head of production and development, Celestial Pictures; and Kenneth Bi, award-winning writer and director, Kenbiroli Films.

Legendary Japanese actor Sonny Chiba, arguably the greatest figure in martial arts movie history alongside Bruce Lee, will join SINGAFEST to present one of his personal favorite films, “Samurai Reincarnation”, and to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by martial arts star Ernie Reyes, Jr. …Chiba’s rough, glowering expression and tremendous physical skills (Chiba himself is an acknowledged martial arts master) have made him something of a one-man action movie genre in grindhouse classics like “The Streetfighter” series, and earned him devoted fans including Quentin Tarantino who paid tribute to him in both “True Romance” and “Kill Bill”.

…With Relativity Media’s just-announced jump into the Chinese market with billions of dollars in film investment portending tremendous opportunities and collaborations — SINGAFEST is obviously the right event at the right time, a cinematic melting pot merging Eastern and Western cultures to showcase the best of both worlds to the Asian community and beyond,” said Ashley Jordan, CEO of Bigfoot Entertainment.”

Singafest 2011 will be exhibiting their chosen films at the stately Art Deco-inspired Bigfoot Crest Theater on Westwood through Sunday, October 2nd. In addition to the film festival there will be parties, celebrity appearances (already committed are Brett Ratner, Eli Roth, Sonny Chiba, and Maggie Cheung, the first Asian actress to win a prize at Cannes) and more at W Hotel and Napa Valley Grille. At CEC we definitely love us some films, and the Singafest Asian Film Festival will be an exciting way to explore some new varieties. How better to warm up to the school year by becoming more culturally informed, like the refined individuals we know you all are?

Hope to see you there!

CEC. Are YOU Getting Any?

Ticket prices:
Festival Pass: $199
General Admission: $15
Seniors & Students with valid student I.D.: $8
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