Joining CEC

Joining CEC

Applications available HERE during our hiring cycles.

Interested in being a part of the CEC fun? Have our snazzy yellow shirts caught your eye and you’ve decided you’d like to don one too? We love new blood and we couldn’t put on events for the students WITHOUT students! Here’s the breakdown:



Who We Are/What You Can Apply to:

We are a completely student-run organization under USAC, the undergraduate student government. We bring quality film sneaks, concerts, and speakers right to your front door. With something happening every week, we make sure you’re always entertained! CEC has 7 staffs – 3 programming and 4 marketing. You can find more information about each staff here. During the hiring process you may apply to as many staffs as you’d like, and you may get interviews to more than one staff, but if you are selected you will only be selected for one staff.*


*When/where do you meet?
We are also frequently asked the above question – each staff has separate meetings from the others, the time & place of which are decided internally. Because we are a closed group as described below, these details are kept within the staffs themselves and not open to outside attendance. If you’re concerned about time commitment clashes, don’t worry. Every staff creates their own schedule catered to accommodate as many members as possible.


The Hiring Process:

We are a closed, application-based group, which means that unfortunately not everyone who applies is able to get a spot. Absolutely any UCLA undergraduate student is welcome to apply though! In select quarters, the staffs who are looking to hire will release their applications all at once. The process follows as below:


1. Applications – Apps are released; it is very important to turn in your app by the specified deadline! Late applicants will be heavily penalized, and may even have their application discarded.


2. Interviews – Select applicants who exhibit the qualities that directors are looking for will be contacted for follow up interviews after all applications have been turned in.


3. Decisions – Directors will let the applicants they interviewed know whether they’ve been hired or not.


As stated before, we get many more applicants than we have space for so sadly not everyone will be able to join during a hiring round. However, even if you are not selected we highly encourage you to try again another time! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/or subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be sure to know when these hiring rounds occur.