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Campus Events Commission

Since 1965 Campus Events Commission (CEC) has been one of the largest purveyors of campus entertainment. Since its inception, it has acquired a reputation for its edgy style of advertising and controversial events.  CEC has been responsible for hosting the Jack Benny and Spencer Tracy Award shows, and for holding the renowned Shorttakes Student Film Festival.

Still pushing the envelope today, CEC has remained a student-run, student-funded organization, dedicated to introducing the freshest fare in film, music and speakers into the UCLA community.  From hosting weekly free-$ movies to unabashedly showcasing free sneaks of films before they hit theatres, CEC has become the students’ premiere source for new cinema. CEC also brings the best in music programming to students by providing free quarterly concerts in various venues throughout the UCLA campus, as well as booking bands and artists to perform at the annual Bruin Bash.

In addition to providing new film and music, CEC coordinates speaking events from an eclectic variety of dignitaries. In the past, CEC has been responsible for obtaining speakers that range from Martin Luther King Jr. to Morgan Freeman and Michael Moore. Be it media seen or heard, Campus Events Commission is constantly in search of that which is as evocative and diverse as its audience.

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